Born in Bolivia, Based in Brussels, and now deeply intertwined with Latin America’s vibrant rhythms
and melodies. With an insatiable passion for percussion and film music that effortlessly navigate
between tranquility and intensity, Susobrino is a music artist who harmoniously fuses a multitude of
instruments to create his world. acoustic ⚖electronic.

Susobrino’s musical journey began at a young age, playing keys alongside the radio.
His passion for music led him to study guitar as his first instrument, laying the foundation for his
musical skills. Over the years, he expanded into piano, voice, and even participating in church choirs.
Susobrino’s dedication to music extended to composition, which led him into electronic music
production. Notably, Susobrino’s insatiable curiosity drove him to collect and self-learn various types
of instruments, showcasing his autodidactic approach to music.

In February 2023, he embarked on a captivating music tour throughout Latin America, leaving a mark
in Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, and Mexico. A transformative journey with both live performances
and studio sessions. Every step of the tour was an opportunity for Susobrino to forge deep
connections with the local communities, immersing himself in their culture and nurture emotional and
professional bonds, planting seeds that will continue to grow long after the tour’s conclusion.

The artist name „Susobrino“ encapsulates the essence of this musical odyssey. Derived from the
Spanish language, where „sobrino“ means „nephew,“ it symbolizes the artist’s role as a warm family
member, inheriting the traditions and stories of the Latin American experience as a whole. With each
performance, Susobrino pays homage to the intricate complexity of rhythms found throughout the
region, transcending geographical boundaries to represent Latin Music.

As he continues to evolve as an artist, his music remains a testament to the transformative power of
cultural exchange and the ability of melodies to bridge diverse worlds. Inspired by his roots, his
compositions carry the essence of those vibrant lands, capturing the essence of each encounter and
weaving them into his sonic tapestry.


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