fastmusic’s first seven-inch single came out in March 2023: „wow“ was an immediate sensation, and got picked „track of the day“ by the acclaimed German radio programs ByteFM and Zündfunk. The elusive duo hails from Leipzig, and their minimalist pop is one of a kind: Influenced by the sparse but sparkling guitar licks of Mali’s desert blues, their eerie songs are propelled by the stoic sounds of vintage rhythm machines, lending their music a highly hypnotizing appeal, reminiscent of 1970es outsiders like Shuggie Otis or Timmy Thomas. Bela’s other-worldly falsetto vocals seem to float in midair on top of this repetitive, psychedelic backdrop, and namely in concert, fastmusic have the ability to completely suck you into their unique world of meditative soundscapes. 

One of the best live bands we have seen recently. 

PS. Is a duo a band?

PS2. fastmusic’s album is expected to drop on Staatsakt weirder small step-sister Fun In The Church in the fall of 2024.

Listen to „wow“:
Video clip „funk in the kitchen“ (filmed @ IKEA):
ByteFM review „ablenkungsarmer Minimalismus“